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We're Chris & Stephanie Erickson, a husband and wife team based in Phoenix, AZ with over 20 years combined experience in marketing for local businesses. Together, we design beautiful apps and websites that help businesses rank well on Google and stand out from the competition.

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Who we are
We are not an agency, when you choose to work with us, you get...well, Stephanie & Chris! We only take on a certain number of projects each quarter and if we can't do the work ourselves, we simply don't take it on. The result? Results we can be proud of for each of our clients. If you want a large company with phone extensions and layers of management, we are not it.

Advanced SEO
Google is a powerful way to attract new customers, clients or patients. Unfortunately, most small business websites are missing key components of search engine optimization. As SEO experts, our websites are built following SEO best practices & local business schema. We take great care to optimize your website so that Google understands where your business is located and the services you offer. Go ahead. Test the schema markup on this page using Google's own tool. After that, now you can test your own website. For most websites, the schema should be designated "local business" and have no errors.

Blazing Fast Pagespeeds
Since website speed is currently a ranking factor for Google, it's very important to have a website that loads quickly on all devices. Surprisingly, most new websites today score 30/100 or worse on Google's own Pagespeed Insights tool. We only produce websites that score 75/100 or better. Like some proof? Test this one or test your own website's page speed.

Modern Design
Your website should reflect the professionalism of your company. Too often, business owners settle for a sloppy, outdated websites that damage their brand. We produce clean, mobile-responsive websites with an unparalleled attention to detail. In addition, we focus on communication the why to your website visitors - as in, why should they stop for a few minutes and learn more about your company?

Chris + Steph,
Owners + Co-Founders
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Some of our work

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