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We're Chris & Stephanie Erickson, a husband and wife team based in Phoenix, AZ with over 20 years combined experience in marketing for local businesses. Together, we design beautiful and functional websites that rank well on search engines like Google.

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We design every site ourselves - no interns here.

The dirty little secret with marketing agencies is that while you typically speak with the owner, see him or her speak at a conference or read their blog posts - client projects are typically handled by an outside contractor, intern or entry-level employee. We are not an agency and by working with us, you get...well, us. We only take on a certain number of projects each quarter and if we can't do the work ourselves, we simply don't take it on. The result? Higher quality results for our clients.
“I love how simple the online interface is to make changes on my new website.”
Woodruff Baum, OI Infusion

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